Saturday, January 21, 2006


as christie went to attend her class (an all-day affair), i walked into town carrying a few books (for pleasure and work) and my laptop, intending to read and work on various projects in the morning and afternoon. instead, i arrived at yali's coffee shop (chosen for its soft couches and free access to the internet) and read the last 400 pages of jonathan strange & mr. norrell in one sitting.

the paperback edition is just over 1000 pages, but i never found a dull section. it is a sort of adult magic/fantasy/history/mystery story. i can't summarize it easily, but i can recommend it highly. it even has footnotes (because it is written as if by an historian recounting the tale). genius.

i'm feeling that slightly sick feeling of having done one thing for too long. time to wash the dishes and do my chores.


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