Monday, January 30, 2006


four items of note today.
  1. "spicy thai" kettle chips are the best potato chips i have ever tasted.
  2. i know about as much about greenspan and what he will and won't do as you do. and i care a lot less, so don't bother asking me.
  3. i'm not as good at staying up late drinking coffee and working as i was five years ago.
  4. this blog is the number two result in a google search for "hawsie".

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


short hair
short hair,
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"different is good." --bill murray, groundhog day

Saturday, January 21, 2006


as christie went to attend her class (an all-day affair), i walked into town carrying a few books (for pleasure and work) and my laptop, intending to read and work on various projects in the morning and afternoon. instead, i arrived at yali's coffee shop (chosen for its soft couches and free access to the internet) and read the last 400 pages of jonathan strange & mr. norrell in one sitting.

the paperback edition is just over 1000 pages, but i never found a dull section. it is a sort of adult magic/fantasy/history/mystery story. i can't summarize it easily, but i can recommend it highly. it even has footnotes (because it is written as if by an historian recounting the tale). genius.

i'm feeling that slightly sick feeling of having done one thing for too long. time to wash the dishes and do my chores.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


i meant to go to the farmers market on saturday to get some veggies and take some pictures, but i was zonked out in bed with a bad cold and fever (which, predictably, i seem to have passed on to christie).

instead i read this book. i have seen lahiri's name around since her collection of stories, interpreter of maladies, won the pullitzer a couple of years ago. since i'm not really big on short stories, i bought her novel. after my severely disappointing struggle with gravity's rainbow, the namesake was refreshingly direct in both language and plot. highly recommended.

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Wednesday, January 04, 2006


estelle's first christmas
estelle's first christmas,
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it was estelle's first christmas; her hat says so. i posted some pictures of winter holidaying in nevada city, ca and batavia, il. go look at them. and check out the fancy flickr magic on the sidebar of this site. cool.


illinois favored us with warm-ish weather. holiday traditions were kept and broken and created. loot was exchanged. sudokus were solved.

the trip home broke us. our evening flight was late leaving; one checked bag cost us $25 in over-weight fees; upon arrival the geniuses at united made us wait a couple more hours for our checked bags. i half-awoke at midnight to mumble happy new year to christie (or so she says - i don't recall).

i am back to work now while fighting some kind of sinus/cold thing (along with the rest of the world). christie disappeared in the middle of the night last night to attend a birth. our building's basement flooded the other day and doused the pilot light of our heater. we have a dehumidifier working to discourage some of the mold.

our bathroom looks spectacular in burnt orange (thanks to n.w.).