Sunday, December 04, 2005


the tree
the tree,
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our chistmas preparations are in full swing. the tree dominates the living room, the carol books swarm over the piano, and we made hot chocolate with marshmallows and candy canes. this is what you miss when you are overseas and/or poor and in college. my friend from work, ryan, and his wife eliz (that's "EE-liz") drove us over to the store to buy a tree, which was really nice of them. christie's mom sent us a really cool swedish star (our tree topper) - see the photos for some pictures of it.

it's been a nice weekend. we completed a major project at work on friday, so there is some measure of relief in that area. otherwise, we've been playing a lot of music and working on christmas presents (which are more "made" than "bought" this year - the first time for me, for sure). and of course sipping hot chocolate.

right now christie is making some kind of banana-based desert involving caramel (not "foster") that she has just declared "the most interesting dessert i have ever made"... ... ... ... wow. that was interesting.

i hope all of your advents are so far equally pleasant.


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