Sunday, November 13, 2005


rachel gordon visting for lunch
rachel gordon visting for lunch,
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yesterday we had rachel gordon over for lunch. she's an old friend of mine from cairo - we were both teacher's kids at c.a.c. i haven't seen her since graduation back in 1997! she's moving to the area soon from qatar, so she was in town interviewing for jobs. it feels strange to see someone after so long - i've lost touch with most of the folks from that time in my life. it's good, though, to re-connect, and yesterday was no exception. especially since christie made a special bulgar-wheat salad and a vegan (!) chocolate/peanut butter pie.

the evening's activity was short circuit 2 (we saw the original a few nights ago). classic! when the guy plays oldies using the telephone keys to tell the girl how to find them locked in the freezer! and then johnny 5 almost dies but they use a defibrilator to keep him alive after he catches the bank robbers! amazing film.

today is christie's class day, so i've just been relaxing (with a headache). i ventured out a couple of hours ago to get some fresh air and found a little donut shop that sold me a glazed donut (i like the star-shaped, crispy-ish, cake-y ones, you know?) and a little 8 oz coffee for $1.55. a deal, i think.

tonight we have sushi with c's friends from school.


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