Wednesday, November 09, 2005


c's friends from school came over yesterday for a study group. she is lucky to have such friendly people to be with in class. and they even snatched a couple of copies of her album (which you should do if you haven't already - simply stunning). meanwhile, i am hard at work on the next iteration of to be released soon.

we signed up for netflix the other day. if you haven't heard of it, you pay a monthly fee and they send you a couple of dvds in the mail, which you watch and mail back to them and they send you the next ones on your list, etc. it's a nice alternative to renting (which is currently inconvenient for us). short circuit comes today - i'm so excited!

also, anyone looking for more ideas for gifts, anything on this list will do nicely, except gravity's rainbow, which i am currently struggling through. even things you think i've already read are great - i'm up for re-reading good books. a few surprises here, actually - two gibson novels and only one rushdie and no confederacy of dunces? come on...

please send me ideas for gifts for you, as well.

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