Wednesday, October 26, 2005

vigil for 2000 deaths

christie at the vigil
christie at the vigil,
originally uploaded by nclinton.
well, it was a vigil in the sense of candles, not in the sense of standing somewhere all night. anyway, it was a nice gesture - standing on the corners of san pablo and university (just a block from our place) with 130 or so others, letting people know that the war still sucks, even after so long. i should say, especially after so long. christie was especially welcome in her "army veteran for peace" sweatshirt. we met some nice people, old and young, and were generally the cause of copious honking.

on a completely different topic, i wanted to let everyone know that my big project in these next couple of months is to purchase a good digital piano. this is relevant to you, dear readers, in a couple of possible ways. first, if you were thinking of giving me something for christmas, consider chipping in for the piano instead of whatever thing it was you were thinking of. second, if you weren't thinking of getting me something for christmas, i'll be able to practice my piano and play some music for you some day. i know for a fact that christie will, so you can look forward to that when you visit. <wink>

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