Sunday, October 30, 2005

redwoods and red sky

me in a tree
me in a tree,
originally uploaded by nclinton.
we are babysitting j.c.'s car this weekend as he vacations in mexico. yesterday we drove south of the city into some mountains to see some of the giant redwoods.

the picture here shows me standing by (in) the base of one of these magnificent trees, stretching my hand in the air. these suckers grow to about 300-330 feet high, and are about 1,500 years old. the oldest in the area ("father of the forest") was about 2,000 years old... check out our pictures from yesterday. it was a pretty amazing experience.

today we had a nice sunday - the extra hour of sleep was enjoyed by all. we ate blueberry pancakes (yeah!), learned some swedish fiddle tunes together, and took a drive in the berkeley hills to see the sunset. also amazing - the hills comprise a bunch of mega-million $ houses north of town. there is a huge community rose garden (called "the rose garden") overlooking the bay, the s.f. skyline, and the mountains on the north bay.

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