Monday, October 03, 2005

in the kitchen

new kitchen (john and christie)
new kitchen (john and christie),
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john came over for dinner this evening, to eat in our lovely new kitchen. christie made tamale pie. mmmmm. but no olives. :-(

look at the pictures for a few shots of the inside of our new place. i'm happy to announce that we have purchased a bed to replace our air mattress on the floor. but not just any bed, oh no. a sleep number bed from select comfort! hurray!

work goes well, christie still awaits her study materials, and we are busy finding the near-by grocery stores and opening bank accounts and such. the weather here is effortlessly beautiful, although i can already sense the absense of snow, which makes me a bit sad. there is something of minnesota left in me that loves the whiteness of the world in winter.

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