Saturday, October 15, 2005

first class

my office is on this street
my office is on this street,
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the picture here is stevenson street in downtown san francisco the other evening after work. like new york, this downtown is much taller than d.c. i like it - not too imposing, easy to get out of.

christie starts her first class tomorrow (see photographic proof). the class is way out in the north bay... about as hard to get to as anywhere in the bay area from berkeley. i'll spare you the details, but suffice it to say she will probably try to hitch a ride with classmates in the future. the class meets for the full day (9 - 5:30) on almost every sunday for the next couple of months. exciting!

today we bought a printer, a bookshelf, a green sweatshirt (for me), a pair of jeans (for c), 5 cans of garbanzo beans (they are my favorite), 7 boxes of annie's mac and cheese (they were on sale), and 4 pears (2 organic and 2 non-organic). we ate at a veggie indian place for dinner. tasty.

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