Monday, October 17, 2005

a day in san enselmo

c and i drove to san enselmo (on the north bay) to get her to her first class with elizabeth davis. i'll leave it to her to describe her full impressions - it sounded pretty amazing. i'm a little jealous that she is beginning school. it is always fun to learn new things.

while she was busy at school, i wandered around town: breakfast at bubba's diner and sunday crossword at pete's coffee up the road.

i struck up a conversation with the two women sitting at the next table at pete's who seemed to be saying a lot of the same words that i've heard c use. turns out they were in nursing school, and one of them is studying to be a nurse-midwife and has taken a lot of the same courses that c will be taking. nice folks, and they might even be good resources for c sometime in the future. this is truely the land of midwives.

a burrito for lunch, more reading and computer-work at pete's, more walking around downtown san enselmo in the afternoon. lovely town, unbelievably wealthy. one furniture store was selling a "jamestown chest of drawers, english oak, circa 1690, $13,500". crazy.

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