Tuesday, September 13, 2005

"vacation" coming to an end

christie's album is literally a few weeks away from being printed and delivered, i am less than two weeks from work, and we are just two days from getting back on the road. after so much waiting, things are moving quickly.

i have never experienced the tail ends of the work/leisure trade-off more than these past two months. not going to work was such a relief - until it was such a drag. having unlimited vacation was such a blessing - until it was such a curse. a new perspective is always a good thing.

christie's cousin jim also got a job this week after a long search. we all celebrated with candy and apple pie and cherry cobbler (or was it a crisp?).

c and i are also really into these number puzzles called "sudoku". the puzzles are 9x9 grids - to complete, find a way to write the digits 1-9 in all the squares of the grid such that each row, column, and 3x3 mini-grid contains the digits 1-9 exactly once. the number of possible solutions is (according to jim) about 6*10^21, so a few numbers are given to guarantee a unique solution. they are surprisingly challenging.

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