Sunday, September 25, 2005

tomorrow i'm a working man

i found a wayward wifi connection this evening, so i'm able to post a little something. cable modem installed wednesday which will connect us forever.

the kitchen is about finished. christie has done an amazing job getting the millions of cabinets to be usable with shelf paper and hot glue gun other such tools. we took the bart a couple of stops to the berkeley bowl yesterday and just about broke our backs carrying everything home. life without a car, however, will keep us fit.

we traded a little gadget that sends ipod shuffle signals through the car radio for a set of 4 ikea kitchen chairs. a good trade, i think, since it is no use to us anymore. we think of mrs. hawsie sanchez often - the vw buses around here are as numerous as the tinted window lincoln towncars on capitol hill.

the new job begins tomorrow.

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