Friday, September 23, 2005

moved in, moving on

sorry to not give an update recently - we've had spotty access to the internet lately. right now we are sitting at a coffee shop (tully's) in berkeley where we can grab a wireless signal.

we have moved into a lovely apartment in north/west berkeley (pictures soon), very near the intersection of san pablo and university avenues. it has enough space - living room, bedroom, study, bathroom, and large eat-in kitchen. everything is clean and freshly painted. the floors are hardwood; the living room and bedroom are painted some nice muted fall colors. it has some quirks that we are finding as we clean and unpack, but in general we are very pleased.

the neighborhood is great - lots of ethnic food shops and restaurants, small pubs, public library, bank, and post office. we are only an 8 minute walk from the north berkeley bart station (train into san francisco) and about 1.5 miles from the downtown berkeley stuff near campus.

today i donned my only clean work clothes and took the bart into my office for lunch with the new bosses. just as a reminder - this is the first time i've met them in person! it went very well - they are all very nice. beginning monday i'll be working in the middle of a large room of people all working on development - the opposite of a private office. i was not surprised to find the male/female ratio is about 10:1.

this weekend we are working on unpacking and stocking our apartment with all of the things we didn't get or forgot to bring. for instance, we realized that we don't have any pans for the stove-top - only oven and baking pans. also, our seating is very limited. so, we need to do some shopping to make the place more comfortable. i'll let you all know how it goes.

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