Saturday, September 10, 2005

last days in batavia

after christie and i thought about and discussed the job offer, i accepted it. beginning september 26, i'll be working as a "data analyst/qa engineer" at starmine, a firm of about 50 employees based in downtown san francisco. starmine analyzes corporate earnings (a.k.a. "profit" or "loss") forecasts in an effort to track how good particular analysts are at what they do. this is valuable information because there is significant variation in error between earnings forecasters. if one analyst tends to predict the profit of a firm better than anyone else, an investor might want to weight that analyst's opinion more. from this information many corollary products are derived, which are delivered to customers (mostly institutional investors and brokerage firms) through the web and several other channels.

my job at starmine will be to help expose and document flaws in the applications and models used to funnel these data to customers. it will involve a lot of interaction with large databases and the code for these models and applications.

this is a little bit off-topic as far as my career path is concerned. i'm not terribly worried about that, however. there are several key benefits to the position: (1) a small firm is more fun to work for because there is more energy, and any given employee is more visible and more likely to be recognized; (2) i will get to be involved in software development in my area of expertise, which is something i have always wanted but never seen an opportunity for until now; (3) i will learn a great deal about databases, which is an invaluable skill, not to mention transferable (if necessary).

christie is looking forward to starting school at the national midwifery institute. she is currently making the final arrangements to start her studies in the next month or so. who knows - maybe the g.i. bill will even come through! lord knows we are due for a bit of good luck.

so the schedule is this: we pick up a moving truck on wednesday, leave thursday, arrive sunday, find a place to live, move in by thursday or friday, and i start work on monday. we are hard at work on the apartment hunt - it will be easier when we have some prospects and are able to actually visit them. mrs. hawsie sanchez will have to be retired, either by sale (anyone want a pseudo-operational 1983 vw vanagon for $500? email me at n.c.l.i.n.t.o.n.@.g.m.a.i.l.c.o.m without the periods) or by donation. she has served us well and we are incredibly sad to see her go, but we are out of resources. we look forward to getting a late 60s model vw bus sometime in the future.

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