Thursday, September 29, 2005

a dream

last night i had a dream that i saw mrs. hawsie sanchez' gravestone. i was passing two flat stone slabs near the street - i looked down to read them, one said "mr. hawsie alberto sanchez" and the other said "mrs. maria sanchez". of course i realized that in the old-fashioned patriarchal lingo, the couple would have been known as "mr. and mrs. hawsie sanchez". i must still harbor some sadness at her passing.

work is going well. as i write this, i'm waiting for day 4 to begin. it is an exciting place to be - new products being developed, old ones being improved, and no one has that glazed cynical bureaucratic look in their eye. people seem genuinely motivated. it helps that the products we sell are actually useful and interesting, not just snake oil or some kind of swindle.

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