Friday, August 26, 2005

wandering minstrel

i think i will never again allow myself
to be ashamed of "wandering"
it is the bread of creativity and benevolent works
many great prophets have wandered
banishing material comforts
calloused cold bare feet slapping dirty urban pavement
always sharing food and talents
isn't it a fine example?
i say yes to wandering.

a minstrel i am without question
as every ear thirsty for music should be considered royal audience
and so i saw my fiddle in song for the masses,
i play flute in the forest, humble before the audience of god
accepting mistakes as the beauty of imperfection
not arrogant but certainly proud

wandering minstrel.
what an beautiful idea.

nate is playing george winston piano solos
on the baby grand i've been practicing
since i was four years old.
i am so glad that
he is not distracted from the now.
it would be a shame to miss this concert


Anonymous jes said...

an honorable calling indeed. perhaps the most so.

9:29 PM  

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