Monday, August 22, 2005

still here

it is monday morning, and i'm sitting again in my office in the panera on the corner of water and wilson in batavia. today i am dividing my time between trying not to punch the guy at the next table who really does think this is his office ("sell! sell! buy! sell! my computer lost its icons! sell! buy!..." etc. at a very high volume), browsing my job search sites, reading the n.y. times, and learning php. the latter is a little bit nerdy, but it makes me feel like i'm in school.

grandma dot's birthday party last friday was loads of fun. some of christie's cousins who live far away were in town before the wedding this week. i think now i've met the whole hubbard clan at least once. one gift was a wake assure alarm clock, complete with super-loud alarm, strobe light (which can also control any lamp in the room), and bed shaker. if they design one without a snooze button that only turns off when you get in the shower, i'll be all set.

nancy heads back to school for her first day with her class today. yesterday, as a last-day-of-summer activity, we drove to the morton arboretum for a little walking. the weather was perfect, and the trees and plants were spectacular. a meal at el taco grande completed a beautiful day.


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