Wednesday, August 31, 2005

sniff. cough. wellness.

i nursed on vitamin C and zinc today in an effort to combat this spot of flu. i had a wonderful chiropractic adjustment this morning which took care of my headache and sinus congestion. now i'm taking it easy sitting in the garden by the pond gulping filtered water. they say watching fish is essential to viral recovery, you know. seriously, it's pretty amazing how much good a gallon of water and 6,000mg of vitamin C can do. especially with some good diaphragmatic breathing.

on the bright side, i believe getting occasionally sick can be good for you. it's cleansing. and educational: consciously observe the healing process and its ins and outs. then, the next time you need a bit of fixing, apply some of those lessons and see what happens. i like to anyway.

i think i have a mild food allergy that is contributing to some of my imbalance. i suspect dairy or wheat, but have not yet conjured up the discipline to remove either of these comfort beauties from my diet long enough to test the theory.


chocolate cake, here i come.


Blogger Phil said...

It all depends on the "sick" you're thinking of when you state that "occasionally sick can be good for you." I've experienced enough sickness to convince me that even "occasional" is not nice, nor good. True, there are times when I would advocate that, for example, a child be exposed to certain childhood illnesses that are better experienced young when an immunity against them can be built up but, for us adults, I'd advocate no sickness as opposed to occasional sickness. Hope your sniffles and cough go away soon!!

10:49 PM  
Anonymous uncle jack said...

Hi Nate; Hope you are feeling bettter by now. Illinois' ever-changing weather can wreck havoc with a person; esspecially one not used to its whims. They still say that chicken soup is good for relievinig some of the side effects of colds. You are doing right in drinking lots of water; and the Vit C should help too. All well here; near perfect weather.

5:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Being constantly exposed to a myriad of illnesses in an elementary school on a daily basis, I agree. If you get little bits of things now and then, it perhaps keeps your immunities strong. Getting a little sick occasionally also reminds us to slow down, rest more, eat better, and put our lives in better balance. Not a bad thing, though somewhat inconvenient as far as jobs go.

8:28 PM  
Blogger greg said...

I think it's hilarious and twisted that people are commenting on your illness. Does it say something about me that I'm commenting on the comments? Probably, although I felt I needed to. I am a voyeur, inspecting your laxidasical lives, you and nate. But to be honest, you've run out of material. To keep me coming back for a reason other than that I want to know that my brother is doing well, let's kick start this road trip a little. I want to see nakedness on bars. I want fights and dirt. Mud. Rub it into your clothes, and THEN take the picture. Or instead of dying your hair an accepted color (wonderful, looks great), dye it purple and photograph people's reactions. Or shave it, and then stage fights with Nate in Border's. I want more. Don't be so nice and finding-myself.

11:01 AM  
Anonymous JAC said...

You're right, Greg. What kind of twisted person would continue to read this blog?
And ever more ridiculous is what kind of screwball would comment?
I mean: I would never join a club that would have either one of us as a member.
And no one has a sense of humor. I thought this was a comedy page.
Bonnie & Clyde this ain't!!

6:39 PM  
Blogger christie said...

thank you all for your profound remarks.

7:42 PM  

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