Friday, August 19, 2005

reading, searching, doing

needless to say, i have had plenty of time to read lately. i finally finished love in the time of cholera, a remarkable story, and the first i've read of this nobel-winning author. beautiful language - worth your time (and a bit of effort, i admit).

christie is home putting the finishing touches on a lemon cake for her grandmother's birthday party this evening. i am enjoying my first cup of coffee of the morning at panera, and catching up on the news before i jump back into the search for work. yesterday i got my hairs cut, although you probably wouldn't know it from looking at me - the stylist was a bit timid. so the long hair remains.

i talked to jim the other day who is coming down to chicago in a couple of weeks for some cubs games to which he had some extra tickets. it will be good to see him again.

that's all the news from batavia. stay tuned for job developments.


Anonymous Chloe said...

If this worked right, Christie would be able to see this. HI CHRISTIE!!! If it didn't work, i'll try again. Bye anyway!

1:27 AM  
Blogger christie said...

chloe, hi sweetie! thanks for reading our blog. :) miss you very much. p.s. check your email.

7:30 PM  
Anonymous Rod said...

Christie!!!! you must call me I see we have lots to discuss :)

9:29 AM  

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