Tuesday, August 16, 2005

mrs. hawsie sanchez' future questionable

sorry to leave you all hanging... mrs. h.s. limped back to batavia after st. louis. it was difficult driving, even on the flatness of illinois - every little overpass was a struggle. three out of four ain't bad, but it ain't good enough to keep driving the way we have been, unfortunately. we're in the process of getting a repair estimate. at this point, however, it might not make financial sense to attempt an engine overhaul. it is still not clear what the best course of action will be, especially given that my employment situation is still up in the air (yes, still).

while i work on my job search, christie and i are looking into earning a few dollars here and there to pay our reduced but decidedly nonzero monthly expenses. i hope that this process will be short so we can keep moving toward our goals.


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