Thursday, August 25, 2005

library, feed my mind

yesterday's kane county chronicle ran a front page article about how reference librarians are still in demand despite the rise of the internet, something my mom has been saying for decades. my favorite quote was "the internet is like a library plunked down on the floor." i would say the internet is more like a library mixed into a landfill, but i suppose that's a difference in degree.

after dropping off my suit at de-luxe dry cleaners this morning, i obtained my first public library card, ever. i have never needed a library card - i have either been at a educational institution where the library was more than sufficient or making enough money that my library was called barnes & noble. neither are true at the moment and i'm out of reading material, so time to take advantage of the locals' tax dollars. my first book is the mysterious flame of queen loana, a recent novel by umberto eco. interestingly, visuals play a big part in the story; it is illustrated by the author.


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