Sunday, August 07, 2005

day 16; wedding shower and travel plans?

yesterday's wedding shower for c's cousin "m"att and "m"ari was a huge success, thanks to the tireless efforts of nancy and aunt judy, who produced an elaborate m&m-themed party. i'm not really a huge fan of chocolate, so it was somewhat wasted on me, but as i am constantly reminded, i am not the center of the universe. aunts and uncles and cousins attended, but the little niece estelle stole the show as we suspected.

the picture here shows christie and estelle in their matching salaam, shalom, peace t-shirts from emma's revolution. there's nothing cuter than a baby activist.

today we're at the batavia public library, a beautiful new building downtown with speedy wireless internet and a coffee shop - everything i need for short-term happiness. i'm taking a break from more job-hunting to write this.

the travel plans are shaping up a bit. our first stop will likely be champagne/urbana either this evening or tomorrow. our latest idea is to keep heading south for a while and then loop back up north to the twin cities before returning to batavia for the wedding on the 26th. the bus is ready after its oil change, i can tell she's anxious to get moving again.


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