Wednesday, August 03, 2005

day 12; mile 001627

cottage garden farm in waupaca 2
cottage garden farm in waupaca 2,
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yesterday we arrived at the Cottage Garden Farm in waupaca, wisconsin. it's a unique gift shop built and owned by my father marc and his wife vickie. we spent the evening transcribing/arranging/recording a piece of music marc has been working on, finally coming up with a version for fiddle, piano, and voice.

after a breakfast of fresh fruit, we spent today kayaking and swimming in the chain lakes. on the way we visited fairyland and vickie sang amazing grace (their favorite song). back on the farm, we explored the intricate and charming corners of the shop and checked on the progress of dad's homebuilt airplane project. on the wall in the house we found an antique painting which eerily resembles nate.

tonight we head back to batavia.


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