Wednesday, July 06, 2005

why you should donate money

in response to a comment on my most recent post, i see that i need to elaborate on my request for donations. thank you, backwardation for pointing that out.

1. my name is nate clinton. my partner, christie, and i are moving from dc to san francisco in a few weeks (beginning july 23rd, hopefully). we will be driving a completely mural-ed 1983 vw vanagon, stopping along to way to visit friends and to keep the engine running. this blog will be full of pictures and tales from our trip. donations will help us buy gas.

2. in san francisco, christie's dream is to attend a three year midwife program (which has offered her admission). although entitled to receive the montgomery g.i. bill after 5 years of military service, her midwife program is not approved by the u.s. government for this purpose, though the nascar school of auto mechanics receives g.i. bill money without problems. donations will help christie pay tuition and become a midwife (currently $5,000 per year).

3. my dream is to go to berkeley law school, to fight for the first amendment rights that enable these blogs to be such powerful forces for positive change in our society. i was accepted for this fall, but i am in danger of not being able to raise the necessary funds to cover living expenses, books, etc. donations will help me reach my goal.

this blog will carry all the news, all the links, and all the pictures, as christie and i brave the rocky mountains, the u.s. army bureaucracy, student loan offices, broken fan belts, exams, and much more in the next several years. you will see your donation in action!


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