Friday, July 15, 2005

the final push towards... ?

so, we're getting down to the wire. we are struggling to get the bus repaired and registered for our target departure date of saturday july 23rd. i think we can do it, but it will take some gymnastics (figuratively, thank god; my old gym teacher used to call me "kermit the frog" after the unfortunate meeting of me and a pommel horse at high speeds). anyway, gymnatics, juggling, pick your favorite metaphor. in the words of yoda, do... or do not; there is no "try".

tonight we have dinner with the in-town clintons. tomorrow morning i'm going to try to convince the state of maryland to give me a driver's license (it's legit - my documentation is a little hazy, however) and then we're off to paint the bus. sunday we spend packing and such. the final week at work will be a hoot, and we'll also try to register the bus and get it re-titled. saturday (late) morning, we're off - rain or shine.

this will probably be the official Blog of The Roadtrip, but i'm not positive about that. if it is not, i will provide linkage to the alterate site. so keep an eye out. i found the camera cable, so we'll get some photos up here posthaste.


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