Thursday, July 28, 2005

day 6; mile 001108

yesterday nate had two phone interviews back to back - a double header if you will - both went extraordinarily well, or so he says.

i had a fever last night, but felt much better in the morning. nate, however, was not doing well this morning. attempting a 7:00 wake up is his most difficult assignment. i tried to physically roll him out of bed to no avail. i promised him coffee, but he mumbled and ignored me. i even conjured a guilt trip, "oh, you sleep a little longer, dear, i'll pack the car, cook breakfast, clean up the mess and run to the store myself". still no reaction. finally, i deflated the air mattress from underneath him. he sunk clear to the ground in 2 seconds and did not otherwise react. eventually, my riotous laughter woke him up.

we left ann arbor this morning and got on the road heading west. gaining an hour coming into the midwest set us ahead of schedule - YAY! we plan to arrive in batavia, illinois late this afternoon. perhaps a detour to the indiana dunes lakeshore for a dip in lake michigan will make us late...if there's such a thing as "late" as of late. does anyone really know what time it is? (that's funny in several ways if you know who sang it)



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