Monday, July 25, 2005

day 3; mile 000565

niagara falls
niagara falls,
originally uploaded by nclinton.
after the token niagara falls visit, we spent the night in ontario (not far from nate's grandmother's house) at the long shore conservation, on the north coast of lake erie. we sat on the beach, had wine and dinner, slept with our windows open. the constant sound of waves is suprisingly soporific. christie has done her yoga by the water, and is adding some vines to her tree of fertility on the passenger side door. we need to get going soon, because if we don't, i will explode from lack of coffee. christie thinks i would implode, not explode. the distinction is unimportant in my current state.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I say, implode, since coffee gives you energy. I'm enjoying this (blog) a lot! Hi Christie and Nate! Graham and Norah are at sleepaway camp and Pete and I are painting the kitchen and eating exotic food.

5:39 PM  

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