Sunday, July 24, 2005

day 2; mile 000502

greg paints the bus
greg paints the bus,
originally uploaded by nclinton.
yesterday morning we woke up early and finished packing the bus. after a few frantic hours, we finally managed to fit all of our clothes and various possessions both underneath the bed/platform and in the back luggage area. we got on the road at 9:30, odometer reading 000007. four hundred and ninety-five miles (and almost 12 hours) later, we arrived in lockport. it's great to be back here - lots of history, and i'm glad christie will get a chance to see some of it.

this morning we'll get the young cousins to help paint the bus... then lunch with grandma and we'll head off to ann arbor later this evening. our plan is to stay the night in canada on the way and finish the journey tomorrow morning.


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