Wednesday, June 08, 2005

my new addiction

i never thought i'd be saying this, but i've been bitten by the harry potter bug. christie decided not to pack her set of volumes 1-5 just in case i felt like reading them. finally, i decided to give them a try. and i can't put them down. i'll finish #5 tonight or tomorrow.

these are surprising books - the story is fresh and exciting and i feel swallowed up by the emotions of the characters, their victories, their enemies, their embarrassments, their failures. if you haven't, read these books - preferably before you see the films, which are remarkable in their faithfulness to the novels.

i browsed (the author's website) the other day, and learned a cool and interesting fact - the Weasley twins (George and Fred) were born on april 1st. it must be fate.

the sixth book in the series (harry potter and the half-blood prince) is set to start selling on july 16, 2005. that's just around the corner, so get your copies of the earlier stories and get started - it won't take you long. you can pre-order it from amazon for only $17.99, guaranteed to arrive the day of the release.

do me a favor and use the following links to order from amazon - i get a small cut of the proceeds that way... it will pay for the extra gallon of gas this summer on our trip from sea to shining sea.

Purchase Harry Potter Box Set (Books 1-5)
Pre-Order Harry Potter Book 6


Anonymous JAC said...

What can one say about your "new addiction"?
At least it's an addiction to something (1) legal; (2) safe; (3) mind-bending; & maybe even
Go for it -- from sea to shining sea!

6:13 AM  

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