Monday, June 20, 2005

maiden voyage

christie and i now own a 1983 vw vanagon l, with a spritely air-cooled flat four non-diesel engine (safe top speed: 55 mph), a four-speed manual transmission, and, because of a lot of hard work by christie and less hard work by me, a double bed with extra room for our boxes and things to carry with us to california.

pictures forthcoming, as soon as i find the transfer cable for my camera. for its maiden voyage, we drove it (successfully) from d.c. to charlottesville and back this weekend. we rewarded with the beginnings of a new paint job, highlights of which are a big purple dragon, an astonishingly good copy of a japanese print showing an ocean wave and spray of water, and a profiled cross-section of a pregnant woman integrated into a nature scene so she looks like a mountain. we'll do some work on it this week at the vw dealer. other than that, we plan on purchasing a repair manual for older vw's, some spare parts, and a triple-a plan.

any suggestions for a name are welcome, but you might want to wait for the pictures.


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