Tuesday, May 24, 2005

treadmill desk

This article, while interesting, is made extra cool by the treadmill desk (photo, which you can enlarge).


Anonymous JAC said...

So, if while I am working I chew 6 packs of gum, tap my toes, and do other physical gyrations....... I can lose some weight right while I'm working!!
And I should put money in my budget for a treadmill at my desk so I can keep the circulation going while I'm working on my PC.
And that means I'll have to put blocks under my desk & PC table so it is proper ergomanic height for me as I use the treadmill.
Whew! I'm already tired and need a rest. Aren't there studies out there that tell how many calories I burn and weight I lose while I am sleeping?
And when my fellow employees see this, I will be referred to our Employee Assistance Program.
Thanks for referring me to the article, I'm about ready to drop....!!!#$%&!!

7:51 AM  

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