Sunday, May 15, 2005

swedish delights

christie and i drove up to ithaca yesterday afternoon, and are now staying at mom's place. last night we decided to meet up with jamie and a happily pregnant rebecca for dinner at the moosewood. it was everything we'd hoped for, and more. at the table next to us was a couple with a couple of fiddle cases. christie asked them if there was some music happening, and the next thing we knew, mom, christie and i were at someone's house west of ithaca at a swedish dance.

there was a band, which christie and i joined, playing scandanavian music. swedish tunes are often in a minor key, and always simple (relative to irish tunes) and slow. the dances involve some walking a la contra, but also some complicated turning - sort of swing-your-partner, but in a carefully laid out rhythm of three. even mom danced a little. :-)

the house was incredible - the upper floor where we danced and played was a big open room, with huge windows overlooking a pond surrounded by trees. it was, as christie put it, "an artist's version of a mansion". the band, which we joined, was a couple of fiddles, a mondolin, and a guitar. there were ten or so people dancing, some of them quite expertly.

a more spontaneous way to spend the evening than any in recent memory, thanks mostly to christie. the moral of the story: to have fun, just follow the fiddles.


Anonymous jac said...

Or ... fiddle around with Christie!

Or ...fiddle-de-de & fiddle-de dum!

Or ..... Go fiddle.

Or ..... Come fly with me!

I'd love to have been there.

12:53 PM  

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