Thursday, April 14, 2005

shiny happy cows has an interesting feature on the organic milk industry (you have to click through a commercial to see the full article). the gist is that much of the organic milk you see at whole foods or your local grocery is produced with less-than-organic methods, but that lax enforcement of already vague guidelines allows this to continue. targeted most is horizon - the red carton with the happy flying cows - which is accused of using some big-farm methods to cut costs and gain market share. horizon has found that consumers want milk with no hormones (which they provide) and don't care that the cows are stuck in pens and not allowed to graze (which is supposed to be part of what "organic" means).

as christie pointed out to me, consuming local products is not just good from the point of view of the local economy - it also serves a health role. local foods such as milk, honey, and other agricultural products are embued with the stuff of the local ecosystem. as long as the local ecosystem isn't polluted to high heaven, consuming those products can help keep one's body in "sync" with its daily environment - presumably giving it an edge in the fight against illness.


Anonymous JAC said...

JAC says:
Consume local products and live longer!! Is that the message? ...

If so, what do we in Wshington, DC.? The main employer is the federal government. The main product is "Bxxx Sxxx." The air and ozone layer is one of the most polluted in the country.
So I should eat: Radishes grown in MD; tomatoes grown in VA; and mushrooms grown in DC.

Sorry. Think I'll take my chances with old Frank Perdue's tender chickens. (Eat your heart out PETA!) It takes a tough man to make a tender chicken" -- and to survive in the DC area.

Got to go. I hear the door bell. Must be the Domino's pizza delivery.

11:37 AM  

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