Wednesday, March 23, 2005

which screwdriver turns the car on?

originally uploaded by nclinton.
this past friday, i was being a nice guy, doing some grocery shopping for christie while she slaved away at the music studio where she teaches. i noticed that her car was parked outside, it's emergency lights flashing. i investigated and found what you see in the picture. someone had been trying to steal the car, and had almost succeeded.

the photo there was actually taken the morning after, as we tried to figure out what to do. the battery ran down overnight (we couldn't turn the car all the way off). so, that morning, christie demolished the ignition with her crow bar and used a screwdriver to start her car (we jump-started it). we hope that's the last car we have to steal.

overall, an interesting (and fun?) experience, aside from the feeling-violated-and-angry part. not to mention the $300 in repairs.


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