Friday, March 11, 2005

new home

i'm finished with the website. i just don't have the time or money to continue maintaining it. and i'm so stressed out about the design that i don't ever post anything. but since i don't post anything, it seems like a big waste of time to do a re-design. ack! a viscious cycle.

so here i am. i don't mind this whole free blog thing. i don't know what i was so worked up about before. to have one's own website _just for a blog_ is not a smart investment of time, i think. if the website is primarily something else, like a place to promote one's art or have an online resume or a forum of some kind, then good. but a website for just a personal blog is like setting up one's own email server - a nice geeky project, but one without any other compelling benefits. email - like blogging - is a free service. it was a hobby of mine, and one to which i cannot now commit more resources.

the upside is that i should be more spontaneous and consistent about my posts, now that i don't have to deal with the guilt of the failing website.

so, welcome and cheers. look for interesting articles, pictures of my life (via flickr, probably), and lots of upcoming news as i get my law school and re-location plans underway.


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