Saturday, March 12, 2005

day of rest?

unfortunately, not this weekend. i've been spending more time recently making calendars, to-do lists, and budgets. i thought the reason i was making these things was that otherwise i would lose track of something crucial. i'm beginning to wonder whether these so-called organizers are in fact making me a busier person. what looks like a "free" day on my calendar (nothing written on it, no appointments) is begging for me to fill it in, thereby achieving some teleological end - before the day in question actually arrives. in other words, it's as if a day requires two things from me: to make it productive on paper and productive in reality. before i was only interested in the latter. so you see why i feel like there is a dark side to the calendar, so to speak.

anyway, one thing on my calendar i'm especially looking foward to is my haircut, which is scheduled for march 24th, two days before i get on a plane for tokyo. my hair hasn't been this long since 9th grade, when i dyed it bright red. (i'll see if i can dig up a photo of that.) but, ever since christie took me to chelsea, i can't imagine anyone else touching head with a pair of scissors. it's not rational, but i'm learning that few things in this world are.


Blogger Phil said...

Glad to know you'll be getting a haircut soon.....!

7:06 PM  
Anonymous JAC said...

Sorry it has taken some time to get my comments here. BUT -- Finally, FREEDOM wins!!
It will indeed be revealing to see what lies beneath those tosseled locks. Will loss of hair lead to "Samson's" downfall? Wish we could be there to record the Hairy adventure? Will you also get shampoo and blow dry and styling? Good luck on what has to be a painful experience.

10:58 AM  

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